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Demo a KICKR at Home!

Smart turbo trainers, and especially Wahoo Smart Turbo trainers are incredible, yet expensive bits of kit.

They offer so much to your training and turn indoor training into something that you can actually enjoy and look forward to. That is why we offer the Wahoo KICKR demo service to our customers. Book a 3 day demo and we will deliver it to your door and set up your bike on it, run you through the features, then leave you to enjoy it.

If you love it and want to purchase one, we take the demo fee off the price of the turbo and any accessories you may want.

See The Wahoo RangeBook Your Home Demo

Terms and conditions apply. We reserve the right to cancel or not approve appointment requests. Customers must live within 30 miles of Pembroke, Pembrokeshire. Appointments are non-refundable. Use of the KICKR is at customers own risk. Delivery and collection times may vary. Not all bikes are compatible – please contact us if you have any queries regarding compatibility before booking.

Book Your Demo Here


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